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Virginia based glass artisan, Catherine Whittington, thrived in creativity from an early age. From ingenue, to instructor, Catherine's extensive experience in the performance and visual arts lead to her discovering an elemental passion for stained glass. - - With a desire to corporealize her contemporary and eclectic style, Catherine honed her skills with renowned glass artists across the country, establishing Halcyon Stained Glass, LLC in 2019. - - Catherine, and Halcyon Stained Glass maintain a low, to zero-waste philosophy, using as many eco-friendly and sustainable materials as the process allows.
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Taurus 3 Ring Saw

Taurus 3 Ring Saw

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A worthwhile investment, for the serious artist or, September 16, 2020 5 stars
Easy to use, Versatile, Precise, Lightweight, Makes quick work most any cut, and of ultra tough cuts (I still love and prefer to hand-cut, but I got this specifically for big, super severe cuts, so I could keep my designs exactly how I wanted them, and also not have the stress of potentially shattering a larger piece just because of my creative stubbornness), Cuts through other materials like metal for frames and wood (of certain thickness), Great for sparking imagination, Saves glass!
Plastic outer components (but that does make sense, metal would very heavy, and probably even more expensive, I just wish it felt a little studier for the price), Pattern lines 'wash' off without specific application, Can get pretty messy, Takes a good while to get used to - it doesn't have the feel of a grinder or a typical saw, so you have to really get the feel for it, You'll still need to run most pieces through a grinder (at least some edges, in my experience), Can snap off small corners if you're not very careful and learn how to maneuver it properly, Makes me feel like I'm "cheating" in the glass cutting process, hahaha
Other Thoughts
Okay, so, it definitely has its cons, HOWEVER, I still love my ring saw! I definitely recommend a few things - get a foot pedal to attach to the power cord so you can control the saw! It made a huge difference in precision. Also, use a GOLD Sharpie to mark your patterns, since they act like paint markers, THEN leave your pattern piece in place until the gold ink dries, or set the piece back down, and outline it again over the gold ink with a black fine tip Sharpie. I know that seems like a pain, but it's worth it. It's the only way, so far, that I've figured out how to keep pattern lines from flooding off the glass, because the saw can create quite a bit of backsplash. The black fine line give you the precise place to follow next to, the gold makes it visible and helps it stick. Remember, the saw blades cuts OUT and removes a line of glass the width of the saw blade, unlike hand-cutting, which doesn't remove any glass. Other than that, practice and experiment! It's worth it. :)
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