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justinew18 comment on Reinforcing Stained Glass Windows
March 19, 2021

Hi, I am making 2 small copper foil panels for an internal door. They measure 13" by 6" and the pattern is oblong strips placed in a brickwork pattern that runs vertically. Do you think these should be reinforced due to the hinge joints and if so where would you recommend placing the reinforcement. Many thanks.

justinew18 comment on Reinforcing Stained Glass Windows
October 3, 2019

Hi, I a am making a copper foil hanging panel in a geometric design. The panel is long and thin, 2 ft by 8", there will be 2 hooks and a chain at the top. This is the longest hanging panel I have made and normally on smaller panels I would just solder bead the edges. should the panel need reinforcing in the design and or the edges. Many thanks.

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