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aboilore comment on Fusing Tips
February 5, 2010

The dish is made with Effetre sheets and millefiori in 104 Coe.  We have found that effetre sheets tend to devitrify when going up to those high fusing temperatures. I would start out fusing this using a 90 Coe fusing schedule and use Super Spray to prevent it from devitrifing.

aboilore comment on Glass Fusing
December 3, 2009

Hello CM,

Needling or spiking is usually caused from firing the glass to high, the glass spreads out and then tries to pull in to become the 1/4" needed and leaves those behind but still attached to the project.  We have also found that opaque glass also likes to do this.  The solution to fixing this is after it has happened is to use file such as item 60111 to get those off and if needed you might have to fire polish the project.

aboilore comment on Glass Fusing
October 29, 2009

The wash away kit doesn't work as well on pieces with heavy kiln wash stuck on them.  It does give the glass a frosted/etched look at times if it cannot get the wash off.  You could also try to soak the glass in vinegar and water for a long period and then try the brush on it again.  If that still doesn't work, try the 975 degreee back magic on it, at least it will shine it up and make it look like you meant to do that!

aboilore comment on Kiln Formed Bracelet
August 5, 2009

Usually the best kilns to use for this are the tabletop kilns that do not have heating elements in the lid so that you can remove the lid once the glass is soft enough and start shaping it.  You do not have much time to shape it so we recommend putting the lid back on and reheating until you have the shape you need.

aboilore comment on Glass Fusing
May 5, 2009

I would first make sure that the bottle is cleaned well with rubbing alcohol and make sure you are not holding very long at the high temperatures as that is what causes the hazing which is called devitrification.  It helps to apply Super Spray (item 7404) prior to fusing to prevent this or you could also apply it after to reverse the devitrification.

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