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Ideal Border Bevel Cluster - Glue Chip

Ideal Border Bevel Cluster - Glue Chip

Item# GST21GC
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Border is nice; dimensions are wrong, January 3, 2013 2 stars
Love the glue chip and shape.
Description says '24 x 36' but mine is 20 x 30. Bought this with a project in mind and had to change designs last minute.
Soaring Eagle Bevel Cluster

Soaring Eagle Bevel Cluster

Item# GST10
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Beautiful, January 1, 2013 5 stars
Fit together wonderfully and was truly stunning assembled.
The beak isn't perfect and I had to play with it to get it to look normal and not too small.
klancy96 comment on 26 Point Moravian Star Hanging Lamp
March 16, 2010

Thank you!!!    :)  -   I'd love to claim credit for the design but alas it's not my design just my blood, sweat, and tears as I tried to put it together LOL 

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