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1/4 Round H Lead Came – 15 lbs Spool

1/4" Round H Lead Came – 15 lbs Spool

Item# 5582SP
6 of 9 found the following review helpful:
I like the spooled lead!!!!, February 22, 2009 5 stars
Spooled lead is a wonderful addition to any studio. I simply made a dispenser on a wall of my studio and pull out desired length, cut and stretch! Done. so easy and much more efficient than lugging around six foot strips and hoping to keep them from bending and twisting!
Sometimes the spooled lead can get damaged in shipping. Occasionally there is twisting in the came that is not related to shipping but originates from the factory.
Fan Out Lead Knife

Fan Out Lead Knife

Item# 5144F
a must have for all repairs and so many other uses, February 22, 2009 4 stars
I really like the fan out lead knife. I have always dreaded any repair job, but this knife makes for easier and safer repairs on any leaded project. Also very handy in other various tasks when creating a leaded panel!
blade can dull in a short period of time!
Handy Hangers - 5 Pair

Handy Hangers - 5 Pair

Item# 5489PK
3 of 5 found the following review helpful:
these are great!!!!, February 22, 2009 5 stars
I love using handy hangers in all of my hung stained glass projects. They are easy to use and strong enough for any leaded or foiled product!
sometimes there is a residue on the handy hangers that makes tinning them a bit difficult at times.
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