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Easy-Cut Lens Cutter

Easy-Cut Lens Cutter

Item# 7991
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great, November 19, 2009 5 stars
No glass artist would regret having this tool! even if they are on the fence... sure you may not use it as heavy as you once thought, but just the threat of being able to make a perfect circle "on demand" O the power, O the control, I see circles, I see circles, O me goodness!
Yes, the common theme that the glass will try to move out from under ye cutter while we making the cut ...Easy fix you know that squishy rubbery grid material that is everywhere? I have drawer liners made of it...Lowes has it as a anti-slip pad for under throw rugs... yea you know what i'm talking about! problem go cut some circles! with yo bad self UU' Ah
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you will be amazed at the quality of this tool and the cutting torret can be replaced after all five blades are wasted ...
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