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6 Square Trivet

6" Square Trivet

Item# 612734
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Great project idea!, April 14, 2009 5 stars
This trivet is just big enough to give you a good size to work on and use. I just love!! the iron banding around the edge--it really gives the end product a finished look. It's perfect for 3/8" tiles.
I would like a slightly bigger trivet to work on.
6-1/2 Self Closing Tweezers

6-1/2" Self Closing Tweezers

Item# 62605
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Excellent Strength!, December 5, 2008 4 stars
These tweezers are great for holding onto small items. I use them to do my mosaics and they really hold onto the glass. No slipping!
They do require a little hand strength in order to open them, but not too much.
Other Thoughts
These tweezers are a little bit bigger and stronger than those at the hardware store. They make a great third hand.
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