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These are glass pendants with Silver clay artwork on them.
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munirvana comment on Why Buy the Precision 2000 Hobby Saw
April 29, 2012

Does it cut bottles to make bottle rings? Cos the zephyr ring saw which I have is a pain as u have to keep cleaning it & for that you have to take it apart! Also the blade keeps breaking & the height of blade is not tall enough to cut bottles ??

munirvana comment on How to Make Fused Glass Pattern Bars | Delphi Glass
February 1, 2011

I liked the video for fusing pattern bars but I wished he had completed it & told us at what temp to fuse it & for how long! also can you do glass pattern bars in a small kiln?

munirvana comment on System 96 - Hanging Fused Glass
December 27, 2010

difficult to download.

Fuseworks Image Art Fusing Paper - 5 Sheets

Fuseworks Image Art Fusing Paper - 5 Sheets

Item# 425878
disappointing fusing paper., June 16, 2010 1 stars
No Pros so far.
I have still not been able to find a printer with iron oxide! So I have bought this fusing paper from you but haven't been able to pint!
Marking Pen Enamel Assortment

Marking Pen Enamel Assortment

Item# 758151
Marking pen enamels, November 19, 2008 1 stars
They 'look' simple to use!
I was extremely dissappointed with this product especially as I was really looking fwd to using em!Cldnt return it either as I stay in the seychelles so the cost of importing the pens were quite a bit & so the dissappointment was huge!
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