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Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter

Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter

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really disappointed, August 18, 2011 1 stars
Made of recycled material.
Plastic part that goes in the bottle top doesn't stay on the cutter or in the bottle, and you need a screwdriver in order to secure the components. Screws just spin in the holes when you try to tighten. Difficult to adjust have not gotten one good cut.
denimangle comment on Cal Ripken Coke Bottle Window
May 6, 2011

not really what id call recycle but cool none the less

denimangle comment on Wine Bottle Holder
May 6, 2011

thats cool did you do it like a pot melt

denimangle comment on Slumped wine bottle and sea glass
April 4, 2011

very cool is this glass on glass?

denimangle comment on Recycled Bottle Slumped Vase
April 4, 2011

very cool

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