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DichroMagic Tie Dye Combo Pack On Thin Black - 90 COE

DichroMagic Tie Dye Combo Pack On Thin Black - 90 COE

Item# 15323
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Disappointing colors, February 28, 2017 2 stars
I have to be honest, I am very disappointed in this "combo pack". The photograph shows a very nice color selection; all of the colors represented. But when I received my pack, there were several duplicates of the same "color" and pattern. I understand there are only 3-4 patterns, but I received double of two of the exact color. And speaking of color, there wasn't any!! All 12 pieces were dark blue,black, purple and green. Every single one of them! I thought that I would receive a nice selection of reds, pinks, pastels along with the cooler colors. But they were all very dark and not vivid at all!
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Sorry about the review. I have to be honest so that other glass artists know what they are getting.
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