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Bevel Max Studio Beveling System

Bevel Max Studio Beveling System

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Bevels and polishing, December 29, 2009 5 stars
I have used this system to customize stock bevels to different shapes and sizes and it works great. It does take patience and practice. And you need to wear an apron because you will get wet but that should be expected since you are removing a lot of glass during the process and that requires a lot of water. What caused me to decide to write this review was another use for which I recently used this tool. I installed a glass tile back splash in my kitchen. I used my bandsaw to cut the 1/4" thick glass tiles but this left an unfinished edge on the cut pieces. I used the Bevel Max to round the cut and polish the edge. It worked beautifully.
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Because of the amount of water used in the beveling and polishing process the work area will get wet. I use a boot tray to keep my work bench clean and dry. I just set the Bevel Max in the tray, sit the splash guard behind also in the tray and put a cup under the run off tube. All the water then stays within the boot tray keeping the bench work surface clean and dry.
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