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[email protected] comment on Featured Artist: Kerry Collett
August 25, 2010

I so totally agree! I can't get enough of glass. Every piece I create, I try and do something different. whether it's adding a 3-d effect or searching for that odd different jewel or wild texture, the possibilities are endless! Oh, and don't let me loose in my local glass store! I can't go in and just say hi to the staff without eyeing a piece that I just have to have in my stock collection. I don't know about you, but creating in the glass world is a world that is soooo awesome!

[email protected] comment on Setting Up Your Stained Glass Workshop
August 25, 2010

If your area is large enough, I like having a table just for cutting, another to hold my saw, grinder, and wash basin, and another just for assembling my piece.

Van Gogh Sample Set

Van Gogh Sample Set

Item# V6145
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Breath Taking!, July 4, 2010 5 stars
I purchased a small piece of this glass and remembered seeing it in the catalog. I'm creating a very special piece and when I saw this I had to get the sample set. The catalog just didn't do it justice. OMG! the beautiful variations were just breath taking! After seeing it all, now I have to decide, which is the hard part! I have to say anyone who uses this glass the reactions will be breath taking!
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