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Mini Circle Jewelry Mold

Mini Circle Jewelry Mold

Item# 80622
Nice Mold!, November 14, 2008 5 stars
Woks great! Wonderful for eyes or jewelry decor.
I was surprised at how small the mold was.
Circle Pro 12

Circle Pro 12

Item# 5136
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Circle Pro is a Go!, November 14, 2008 5 stars
Great to work with, cuts well! It is a great asset to our studio!
Sometimes the pegs slip out of grid base -just have to be careful when cutting. Tiny circles (are kind of tedious, but do-able) Not as sturdy as a lens cutter for tiny circles.
Other Thoughts
I pride myself on how I hand cut circles, but if you have many to do or want a little help... I highly recommend this product!
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