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Table Foiler

Table Foiler

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FAST, November 27, 2009 5 stars
Accurate, reliable, fast, simple.
Works well with Venture brand. Must have to do with the exacts widths or stiffness of the foil.
Other Thoughts
I've used this foiler for over a year now and nothing compares for the precision. Easier to foil with glass laying on a flat surface than trying to foil holding glass in verticle position like most other foilers. Any item smaller than a quarter would be best foiled by hand. If I were to lose this tool today, I would have a new one tomorrow. It's that critical to me and I've done over 150 glass projects. For tight radius, I will start next to curve but not in curve and foil entire piece then leave enough extra foil when I cut it loose from the roll and foil the curve by hand but last.
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