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Soldering Starter Kit

Soldering Starter Kit

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Soldering Fun!, August 12, 2012 5 stars
I bought this kit when I starting soldering. It was just what I needed to get started learning how to solder. It has everything you need to learn with on small projects. And it can always be used later on for quick projects too! I ended up buying a bigger and better unit but I never regretted buying this kit and making sure that this was a hobby that I was going to stick with. I us this solder for all kinds of jobs too. And my son has borrowed it for some of his auto speaker needs also. It was a good investment.
Not many cons to it that I found except as I got better at soldering I found I wanted a stronger solderer but for starting out this one was perfect.
Other Thoughts
Make sure you have the right kind of solder when you are soldering. Like silver for silver and gold for gold. The sold that comes with it does not solder everything. And follow the instructions completely for the best results.
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