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Fireworks Heat Resistant Work Surface

Fireworks Heat Resistant Work Surface

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Functional but Small, August 11, 2008 4 stars
This Fireworks Heat Resistant Work Surface is a bit smaller that I thought it would be, but then again, how much protection under the torch do I really need? I'm a newbie and still jump when I thermal-shock a rod or bead. This work surface catches most of what flies off my mandrel. The work surface DOES prevent burns to the table underneath when I remember to put the hot tools and/or glass upon it's textured metal surface rather than on the table itself. I learned THAT the hard way! The metal is some kind of steel/stainless steel and my magnetic metal canisters stick to it nicely. It is also VERY easy to clean. I pick it up, carry it to the garbage and everything just slides off the surface into the trash.
It is a thin sheet of metal over some kind of cardboard, it seems somewhat flimsy. I have managed to crease it somewhat by attaching my torch to it and the tabletop with a C-clamp. It doesn't lie perfectly flat now and sometimes short glass rods and my tools roll underneath the edge and have to be fishes out. It is small in size but I adjust by sliding off-center from my torch and more to the right to accommodate all of the right-hand action (and to make sure I don't put hot things ON the table).
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Not a bad buy if you can get it on sale, BOGO or otherwise.
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