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Powder Enamel Assortment for Glass Fusing

Powder Enamel Assortment for Glass Fusing

Item# 75814
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Some Information would be nice, February 4, 2009 1 stars
-a great variety of different colors
-absolutely no information on what color or transparency each one is -you have no clue what you will get before you fire it -if you happen to like a color enamel, you can't order just that one since there is no telling what brand or item it is
Other Thoughts
I have to say, I was greatly annoyed by this product. I thought assortment packs were made so you can try things and then reorder what you liked out of that pack. I don't think it is a great business strategy to not provide information on the brand and item so reordering is possible. Plus it wastes my time and material if I cannot even somewhat predict what my projects are going to look like. I am very disappointed!
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