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Aanraku Frit Piston

Aanraku Frit Piston

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More Hassle than Help, August 29, 2009 1 stars
Heavy construction makes it unlikely to break easily.
Why the manufacturers decided to paint the crushing shaft is beyond me. It is definately not out of the box ready which was very disappointing. Be warned despite the other reviews, you really cannot truly sort out the paint flakes and metal granules from the frit. This tool is frustrating and is a huge time sucker and a waste of glass (I have thrown countless batchs out). I'd rather melt all my spare glass in a mold in my kiln and cut on my ring saw to use in other ways. I've decided that if I need frit, I am going to buy it properly made by the glass companies going forward.
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Buy Pre-made frit - its WAY EASIER.
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