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February 18, 2012

I purchased some of these molds. The first try I put 5 coats of kiln wash on the mold, measured the frit and fired it with the pre set on my kiln. I'm not sure if it was exactly what was on the mold instructions, but when it was complete my glass was stuck in the mold. Can you tell me what to do to get it out without breaking my mold? I thought I might put it back into the kiln, heat it up and see if I can unmold it. Or even put it into the kiln upside down and hope the glass falls out.

Fireworks Bead Making Kit

Fireworks Bead Making Kit

Item# 425632
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fire works bead making kit, December 23, 2008 5 stars
I've never made beads before I purchased this kit. It is a great buy, and I would recommend it even to a newbie.
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