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Taurus 3 Ring Saw

Taurus 3 Ring Saw

Item# 57003
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Taurus 3 ring saw, April 20, 2015 5 stars
I purchased this saw when I first started doing glass fusing and draping. I absolutely love it. I just purchased a new one. It is my all time favorite. It cuts circles so easy, and so many other things that take no time at all. Anything you can think of it can cut it. Again I love this saw and all that it can do
No cons from me.
short540 comment on How to Use Glass Decals | Delphi Glass
January 7, 2014

she wasn't using glass to try them off, when do you apply to glass and is a decal the same as enamel decal.

Spectrum Dark Blue and White Wispy Iridized

Spectrum Dark Blue and White Wispy Iridized

Item# SI3396
spectrum glass, August 15, 2012 5 stars
I love this glass in all colors, it is easy to cut and the colors are so beautiful you can use it in molds or hand cuts of your own creations, I personally use a lot of this type of glass.. It is fun and colorful. It can be layered or you can do just about anything with it.. Thank you Delphi for providing free patterns and videos it means so much to new comers like me.. I love Delphi for fast shipping and customer service. Thanks again for being here
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