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iaagtmglds comment on Reinforcing Stained Glass Windows
April 1, 2009

what sizes of reinforcing bar or rod should be used?  What are these rods and bars made of?  Where can we purchase them?  Do you reinforce horizontally or vertically?

Stained Glass Finishing Compound - 12 oz

Stained Glass Finishing Compound - 12 oz

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Stained Glass Finishing Compound, January 16, 2009 5 stars
Makes glass and patina sparkle! I use it on every piece of glass I make. My pieces are not complete without it.
Messy to use. I spread it on with my fingers. You need to let it dry completely to a white color before buffing. Just like car wax.
Other Thoughts
Be sure and shake well before each use. It tends to settle.
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