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Complete Beetle Bits Starter Kit

Complete Beetle Bits Starter Kit

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Even I, the idiot can use this, April 1, 2009 5 stars
Easy to put together. I have zero experience cutting glass, and wow! this was easy! I first cut too deep but on my second try, I went from amateur to pro. Okay, maybe not pro but it was easy. Thank goodness because I don't follow instructions very
Husband was mad because I ran out of glass the first night and it was too late to go get more and he was annoyed because I wanted to use the fish tank or one of the upstairs windows so I could feed my new addiction. Actually the only con is I have a heck of a time adjusting that little screw when going between thick glass and thin glass but maybe I just haven't got a knack for that.
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I can't wait to get started on trying to cut other things than squares but that is all I really need right now but who knows what will happen next week!...Is it possible to build a house out of glass? tee hee
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