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Lynne S. comment on Fusing Tips
November 25, 2014

Thank you Jennifer. We figured out some of our problems. However the edges of the glass after slumping are still a little rough. I held at 1250 for 10 mins. Do you think we are grinding the edges too much or does it need to sit longer. We ramped up slowly and cooled slowly. We are using the christmas tree mold and system 96 glass.

Lynne S. comment on Fusing Tips
November 13, 2014

We are using the Christmas tree and heart slumping molds. Following the instructions for times etc. Have put molds in kiln to set kiln wash. First problem is edges are jagged and some of the kiln wash always sticks to the back of the mold. We are using system 96 glass. Also some say when it is time to flash cool, then just turn kiln off. Other instructions have you flash cool then have the kiln reduce the temperatures as indicated on the instructions for slumping. We have a refurbished Paragon kiln. Sorry one more question, there is a dial on the box that is attached to the kiln. Goes from low to high and there is a digital box then attached to that. Not sure what and how to use that dial?? Thanks, Lynne S.

Lynne S. comment on How to Use Primo Primer Kiln Wash
March 2, 2014

I am confused on when to use Kiln wash vs MR-97.. Do they serve the same purpose?

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