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Ephrems Bottle Cutter

Ephrems Bottle Cutter

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What I've learned...., October 12, 2009 5 stars
This is one great cutter very easy to use just as it is and can be made better with little effort, You just gotta try this cutter!!!
Hard to adjust with the bottle stop as supplied. Unit is small and can move just when you don't want it to, and don't forget to oil the cutting wheel for every cut, it maintains the cutting wheel and helps to make it last for a really good purchase you will be happy with.
Other Thoughts
I mounted the cutter on a plastic cutting board and moved the bottle stop out in front of the cutter. Mount and stop are secured with metal screws to the cutting board. You can then move the stop out to cut the tops off of the bottles or in to cut the bottoms. Fill a plastic container with cold water atleast 6-7 inches deep, you can add ice to this if needed then score your bottle top or bottom, seal the top closed for top cuts,so water doesn't enter. Heat your scored bottle and then dip it into the water just above the cut mark, with a little practice the bottle should give off a ping sound and the bottle in the water should just fall off. If it doesn't the first time check the cut mark by looking on an angle to see where the bottle didn't break, heat this area again it might fall off while heating and if not dip it in the water again. With very little practice you should be making good straight cuts and running out of bottles. Great cutting.
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