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I'm a retired art teacher (after 37 years teaching Commercial art in a local high school). I've also taught art at T.C.U. The past fifteen years, I've enjoyed doing both stained glass and fused glass work. I find dichroic fused glass especially interesting and enjoy creating wearable art. Each piece is hand cut, fused, created, fired and annealed 8 hours to make it long lasting, and everything is one of a kind. I have shops on etsy and artfire as well.
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Large Silver Plated Tube Bail - 5 Pack

Large Silver Plated Tube Bail - 5 Pack

Item# 704023
2 of 3 found the following review helpful:
Poor Quality, June 30, 2012 1 stars
These large bails are a poor value for the money. They do not appear to be silver plated and do not look like the picture. I'm returning the ones I bought.
Round Top Purse Hanger

Round Top Purse Hanger

Item# 63945
Purse Hanger, January 5, 2011 3 stars
Really sturdy and well made. I've sold about 15 of them with fused dichroic glass tops.
THE SET SCREW! I've had several of them returned because the set screw has come out. Screws in eye glass kits will not work.
Other Thoughts
Maybe extra replacement screws should come in each package if they can't fix the problem.
ab2255 comment on Dichroic Necklace Starry Night
March 2, 2010

Thank you so much!  It is for sale if you would like to have it. ;-)

ab2255 comment on System 96 - Common Questions and Answers
May 13, 2009

When casting or slumping a bowl or plate, how do you get a flat bottom on the piece so it doesn't rock?  Do you tack fuse a base on it later?

ab2255's Glass Design Works
ab2255's Glass Design Works
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