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8 Square Foot Drape Mold

8" Square Foot Drape Mold

Item# 80736
Fantastic!, June 7, 2012 5 stars
My mom ordered this but had it shipped to me, so before sending it on to her, I gave it a try and now I am in the process of ordering one for myself. This project turned out so fantastic I just love it. The mold is easy to use and once I figured out the firing schedule that worked with my kiln, I have had no trouble with it. I have the round foot drape molds, but I like this better since I don't have to cut circles.
Not really a con, but it was a learning curve to figure out the firing schedule so that it draped enough without over draping.
5 Square Slumper Mold

5" Square Slumper Mold

Item# 24652
Very Nice, June 8, 2009 5 stars
It's a nice size for a small kiln and my piece turned out just as I expected
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