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Deluxe Pot Melt Kit

Deluxe Pot Melt Kit

Item# 5214
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Waste of Money, December 28, 2011 1 stars
Works well, once.
After the first use, and removing from kiln all was well. 12 hours later picked up the pot to do another melt and the bottom broke completely off the pot. Total waste of money!
Other Thoughts
This had not been removed from the kiln prior to reaching room temp; one contained about 2 lbs of glass for the first melt. I am extremely upset with the fact that a pot can only be used for one melt. I would not recommend anyone purchasing this item. No stars would have been my choice here.
Super Spray - 8 Oz

Super Spray - 8 Oz

Item# 7404
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Awesome Product, June 7, 2009 5 stars
This stuff is wonderful! Had a piece of glass that one of the pins from the top of the kiln had fallen off on during the cooling stage so it didn't crack the glass totally but left a mark like what happens when your windshield gets hit by a rock. I sprayed this on and full fused the piece again, you can't even tell where the mark was - love this this.
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