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My name is Dubby White and run Dubby's Stained Glass. I do restoration on old stained glass windows and old hanging lamps. I also do commission work for kitchen cabinets doors or other stained glass for your home. I have done several historic restorations wile working in other studios over the years.
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Two Hearts Bevel Cluster

Two Hearts Bevel Cluster

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Love'em, January 19, 2012 5 stars
I've made two panels with this heart cluster and people just love'em.
[email protected] comment on Cal Ripken Coke Bottle Window
May 9, 2011

The baseball card and coke bottle were rescued from a flea market and the frame is made from a used 2 x 4...

[email protected] comment on Free-Form Angel
April 21, 2011

I love your Angel....Check out Dubby's Stained Glass on facebook at You will see an Angel you might recognize. I have made two of them. The first one in 1999 and the one in the profile picture was made in 2004. I had to reduce the size to 15 1'2" X 15 1/2". (less than half the size of the original pattern) I love the glass you used in the wings...Dubby White

[email protected] comment on Slumped wine bottle and sea glass
April 8, 2011

@denimangle Check out Dubby's Stained Glass on facebook(

[email protected] comment on Slumped wine bottle and sea glass
April 8, 2011

@denimangle The border is sea glass that has been coppered foiled,the wine bottle was melted in a kiln, and yes the bottle has a piece of red glass leaded to the back of the bottle. Also red glass behind the wine glass to look like the glass is half full. The interior of the panel was leaded.

Dubby's Stained Glass
Dubby's Stained Glass
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