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Kwik-Clean Flux Cleaner - 16 Oz

Kwik-Clean Flux Cleaner - 16 Oz

Item# 63702
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So easy!, June 11, 2009 5 stars
I wish I had had this when I finished my 21x35 window panel. It is so simple to use and gets the flux off instantly! It doesn't smell and works fast. I will never be without it.
I haven't found any.
7/32 Black Lined Foil - 1.0 mil

7/32" Black Lined Foil - 1.0 mil

Item# 425685
nice packaging, June 11, 2009 4 stars
The package is nice, easy to pull the foil out if you secure it to the table with push pins. Really easy to burnish.
Once you pull the foil out, it is nearly impossible to get it back in to store it.
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