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E6000 - 3 Pack

E6000 - 3 Pack

Item# 8918
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3 handy little sized tubes, March 16, 2010 4 stars
If you are not likely to use very much glue and do not want to have to open a new large tube, then this is the way to buy your E6000!
Not the most economic way to purchase this product.
1 lb CBS Patterns Dichroic Scrap - 90 COE

1 lb CBS Patterns Dichroic Scrap - 90 COE

Item# 64088
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Great product!, September 19, 2009 5 stars
I love the diversity and value for money this product offers. Lots of exciting pieces without having to buy lots of big sheets to try patterns out. Great size for jewellery!
If you find a piece you like it is quite tricky to figure out what it was. Some of the pieces had the 'clip' marks which need to be worked around.
Other Thoughts
This is a great way to try-before-you-buy a bigger piece of the pattern.
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