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Fusing Photo Paper - 10 Pack

Fusing Photo Paper - 10 Pack

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Perfect Results on 1st Try, March 28, 2014 5 stars
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Can't do color
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Bought a MICR (check-printing) toner cartridge for my printer to get correct iron content. Check online to see if there is one available for your printer. Most of the newer laser printers don't have the required iron content in their regular cartridges, but the MICR cartridges need the iron to enable them to be machine-processed. Fired above tack fuse, but below full fuse. 200 deg. ramp to 1100, hold for 20 min., ramp at 500 deg. to 1325, hold for 10 min., drop to 950 and hold for an hour, then 100 deg/hr to 700 deg. Nice deep brown image on flat glass, did not cap it, will probably try fusemaster over-glaze to protect it. Slumped into a wavy dish shape at 200 deg/hr to 1000 deg. then 500 deg/hr to 1280, soak for 20 min., drop to 950 and hold for 1 hour, then 100 deg/hr to 700. Slumped perfectly and did not distort image.
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