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Ephrems Bottle Cutter

Ephrems Bottle Cutter

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Fun tool, August 30, 2009 4 stars
Easy to use, lots of ideas in kit.
The screw that holds the length adjustment is somewhat difficult- should be more user friendly.
Other Thoughts
Very stable once you have the screw tightened. A learning curve for first timers, but easy and fun. I experimented, and instead of using the candle, I used my embossing heat gun (used for card stamping), and it worked great! Terrific results and no carbon ring to clean up -- and no open flame to deal with. Also, I did not use the 'ice cube' to cool the score line. I filled a bucket with water and submerged the bottle. A good point that was brought up on bottle cutting (when I did an online search) is that most of the bottles we work with are 'cheap' made and therefore the thickness and 'roundness' is not consistent. Don't give up -- just throw it out and try again on another bottle. (*Make sure to remove any labels and glue in the way-- a clean bottle breaks much better!) Lastly, all breaks have some uneven-ness even after sanding and using the polishing powder. One trick I found is after I do that, I use a glass etching cream in the shiny areas of the cut for consistent
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