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Armour Etch Cream - 10 oz

Armour Etch Cream - 10 oz

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Etches dichro nicely, August 5, 2010 4 stars
Quickly etches the dichro off of dichroic glass. I'm a fuser, and this stuff gives me the tool to create great detail etched in dichro. Apply vinyl or reusable type stencils to the dichro side of well-cleaned glass. Paint this stuff on in a pretty thick layer. Wait 5-8 minutes then rinse off. Wherever the stencil was, dichro will remain. Fuse as usual. BTW, the stencil needs to be created reversed from normal reading.
I wasn't looking at this product to give quality ETCHED glass results since I'm just using it to eat away dichro. But I'll say it only does a superficial etch with some evenness issues and so can't be compared to sand blasting.
Other Thoughts
"Time delay" BURNS your skin, and any dried bits from around the lid can be reactivated, so BE CAREFUL. (if you get this on your skin and don't remove it right away, you'll know what I mean about "time delay" :)
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