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I have been doing stained glass for a while now, I started to begin my business out of my garage, then finally got a little studio to go out in the yard I named it A Splash of Color Studio. I hope to do well with this little business I started.
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ElletteShafer comment on System 96 - Common Questions and Answers
June 22, 2013

I figured it out and am on my way to fusing beautiful pieces of glass. It took me playing around with it as all the advise I was getting was not working....but thanks everyone for the advice anyway. :-) Im happy now.

ElletteShafer comment on System 96 - Common Questions and Answers
May 31, 2013

Hi I have the delphi EZ pro deluxe 15-6 kiln and I have used the settings that came in the book for a full fuse. I have never had anything come out at all and have broken several molds due to the glass sticking as I used the kiln wash that came with the kit. My glass keeps cracking in half now and both layers of glass were from the same piece of glass so I know the COE was the same. Any ideas what is going wrong?

ElletteShafer comment on Seashore Cabinet Doors
May 28, 2010

 I am trying to figure out the way to insert this glass in a cabinet door in which I have to cut the center out for. Any suggestions on how to cut the center out?

ElletteShafer comment on It's wine time!
April 27, 2010

is the bottle completely whole or just cut in half? This is really cool. Love including materials in stained glass.

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