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Fortunate to have been born and raise in the Pacific Northwest, I have been influenced and inspired by some of the most important names in modern glass. I have recently relocated to the Southwest where I now am inspired by a whole new spectrum of colors and styles. I enjoy the hot and cold, the solid to liquid flow of glass and the interaction of colors and the minerals in the glass with the heat are usually a delightful surprise. I have had long and satisfying career for over 40 years in the art community nationwide and internationally. It is always wonderful to share with others the creative side of so many.
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Modeling Glass Starter Kit

Modeling Glass Starter Kit

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Glass Bird Modeling Glass Starter Kit, May 11, 2021 5 stars
As a glass artist for over 40 years, I am always looking for new ways to work in glass in any form. This product provides endless possibilities only limited by your own artistic imagination. I have used this modeling clay to create large texured 2D piece, mosaic tile pieces, 3D sculptures, dimensional tiles, cutting free hand and with cookie cutters and much more. It is fun, easy to use for all ages and maybe initially dried in your kitchen oven. Dried creations may be set aside until you have enough to fill you kiln and then fired. The kit may be mixed with any COE that is offered in powdered frit. More fun than anyone should have creating treasures.
Transparent glass powdered frit does not translate as well as opaque frits.
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