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Deluxe Pot Melt Kit

Deluxe Pot Melt Kit

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happy to be able to do pot melts in small kiln, July 18, 2012 4 stars
The biggest advantage of this kit is that it´s sized to fit in a smaller kiln, one to which I have an equivalent. there´s not enough height in it to rig the pot melt with ordinary pots
I do agree with others that the pots are very expensive
Other Thoughts
My single hole pot broke too, but I used it anyway since the construction with pot stand allowed me to just piece it all together again. Used it several times since, no problems. With such a small kiln as I have, don´t expect those mega cool mega swirly pot melts. You will get some very pretty and unique art glass though :) . If using bullseye glass - read the charts concerning which glasses might react to another and you can avoid swamp colored glass if you don´t want it.
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