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ConnieBuyens comment on 13 Tips for a Tidy Craft Space
June 11, 2011

If you can get an empty wood crate that they ship glass in, and add a wood top, it makes a great table to set up your grinder, ring saw, wet belt sander or any of your glass power tools. It makes the work surfaces countertop height, but isn't too deep, and with a power strip added to the back all the power cords can be kept organized. Connie Buyens

ConnieBuyens comment on 13 Tips for a Tidy Craft Space
June 11, 2011

I use a multi-compartment utensil carousel on my work table to store cutting tools, markers, x-acto knives, q-tips, etc. It keeps them at hand and organized. Connie Buyens

Gryphon Twister Grinder

Gryphon Twister Grinder

Item# 84175
Trouble, June 6, 2011 1 stars
I like the large grinding surface.
The pump is worthless, which makes the grinder unusable. I have fixed the tubing, assembly, etc. and it still only runs a short time before having another issue.
Glastar Foiling Machine

Glastar Foiling Machine

Item# 5215
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Timesaver, June 5, 2011 5 stars
This takes the drudgery out of foiling. It is fast and the guide really does help apply the foil evenly. I clamp it down on the edge of my work table when I need to use it and then can easily move it out of the way when I am done. I like to have the "guides" over the edge of the table to facilitate larger pieces of glass.
None that I can think of and I have used one of these for years.
ConnieBuyens comment on Theresa's yard art
April 1, 2010

 This is listed incorrectly.  It should be in mosaics not large panels.

2 x 6 Feet Oak Framing Stock

2" x 6 Feet Oak Framing Stock

Item# 5622N
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Classy framing, February 25, 2010 4 stars
I have been using this oak framing stock for several years and find it an excellent finish to my large stained glass panels. The pre-finished nature of the wood makes staining and sealing a minor task. Since this is a quality hard wood I can miter cut and biscuit join the corners for a truly professional finish.
As will all natural wood products I do get an occasional piece that is less than "straight as a board". Slight deviations don't affect the framing effort since I don't usually need an entire six foot length for any one side. I did receive several unusable pieces once and Delphi immediately shipped me replacement pieces.
Other Thoughts
I tried creating my own wood framing on my table saw and even though this costs more the amount of time saved that could be spent on creating glass works makes it worth it.
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