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Amy S. comment on Finding Inspiration: There's a Mouse in my Memory
May 31, 2012

I find inspiration in just about anything but most recently I found it in a shadow on the floor! I walked into my kitchen the other morning and looked down to see a shadow being cast from the window above my sink. Sitting on the sill are several bottles of different sizes and shapes, and it gave me a great idea for creating a tray with a silhouette design. The "wish books" that come in the mail (yeah, we all get too many of those, right) frequently give me ideas for different color combinations. Also, sometimes when I'm stuck for an idea I'll post a comment to my friends on Facebook and they always come back with some great suggestions. Like I said, just about everywhere!

Amy S. comment on Car windows, anyone?
May 26, 2011


Amy S. comment on smiling lady
May 26, 2011


Amy S. comment on Blues,Greens and White Broken Plate
May 26, 2011

Very nice...! I'd love to know your technique...

Amy S. comment on The Red Carpet
May 26, 2011


Amy S. comment on Multi Colored Plate
May 26, 2011

Very cool...!

Amy S. comment on Rubyx Cube
May 26, 2011

I love your comment! And yes, it does make my mouth water! Nice!

Amy S. comment on Marshland
May 26, 2011


Amy S. comment on Christmas Tree Plate
May 26, 2011

Very cute! I love the simple design. Nice!

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