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Ring Saw Replacement Blade

Ring Saw Replacement Blade

Item# 60102
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Not for Taurus 2, June 18, 2010 1 stars
Price was good
Waste of money and time chasing problems that don't exist. I installed one of these blades, started cutting and the saw was making a funny noise. I checked to make sure the blade was installed properly and found a weak spot in the belt. I replaced the belt, started using the saw again and had the same problem. I removed the blade and installed another MasterCraft blade I had. I started cutting glass again and still it was making a funny noise. I again checked for proper installation of everything and it was all good. I continued to use the saw and then the brand new belt broke.
Other Thoughts
Sometimes prices and products are too good to be true. I could have saved $100 by not purchasing two of these blades and just stuck with what I know works.
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