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Fireworks Quick-Light Torch

Fireworks Quick-Light Torch

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Great beginner torch, April 15, 2010 5 stars
This is much quieter than the hot head torch and the ability to adjust the oxy content beats the foil system for Hot Head any day. I recommend if you are new to lampworking and want to play with reactive glasses. You won't get the same intense reactions as an oxy torch, but it beats trying to fiddle with foil and make a bead at the same time. We also find it easier to clean than a Hot Head. Been using it for about 5 years and still works great.
The built in igniter is junk and breaks after a few uses. Not really a drawback since the Hot Head needs to be ignited by hand as well.
Other Thoughts
Great torch at a great price. We think it's perfect for beginners with less problems than the Hot Head. We've had disagreements in our classes about who gets to use the Fireworks torch.
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