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Glassline Pen - Black

Glassline Pen - Black

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Great product, June 14, 2013 4 stars
Product worked fantastic! It was easy to use, and once dry, was easy to scrape off areas to refine the design. The three tips provide a great range offline thickness.
The directions give absolutely no idea what a "full fuse" is. We used 300/hr to 900, hold 15 min, 500/hr to 1100, 100/hr to 1250, hold 30 min, 9999/ hr to 1450, hold 10, 9999/hr to 960, hold 30, 200/hr to 700, 400/hr to 100. Also, directions state to put design side down. We questioned that, put one design down and one design up. Design up worked much better, with crisp black lines and deep color, while ace down looked grey and muted.
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Great product to add writing and detailed designs to your fused glass. Look forward to working on the Scottish coat of arms I have been challenged to do.
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