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Aanraku Frit Piston

Aanraku Frit Piston

Item# 63998
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Piston is great, December 21, 2010 5 stars
Works great
Other Thoughts
You need the frit sifter to get full benefit from piston.
Delphi Studio Magic Cube Mold

Delphi Studio Magic Cube Mold

Item# 24663
No pros only cons, November 15, 2010 1 stars
There were no instruction with the mold. I have tried to use this mold 3 times. I have wrapped regular fusing shelf paper sheets on the mold before slumping. Most of the sheets disintegrate during firing. The first time I slumped a piece I had to cut the glass to get it off the mold and the glass exploded into shreds. The second piece I cut the side pieces smaller but I still had to cut the piece off. The third time I wrapped two sheets of shelf paper on the mold and made the side pieces even smaller and it worked but I still had to use a razor blade to get the shelf paper from between the glass and the mold.
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