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olympia54 comment on TARDIS
March 24, 2014

Long time Dr. Who fan! Great job, love it!

olympia54 comment on "Love my Harley!"
March 8, 2014

WOW! We've had a over four of these parked in our garage over the years and you totally captured the HD! Engine and tank are awesome!

Diamond Elite Bandsaw

Diamond Elite Bandsaw

Item# 738002
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Thankfully, there's Delphi!, October 28, 2012 3 stars
Makes intricate, narrow kerf cuts and is relatively simple to use once properly set up.
Machine is poorly built. First machine's electrical receptacle used to receive the water pump plug made intermittent contact. One had to physically hold the plug at a specific angle to allow water pump to work.... not acceptable. Outlet elbow of pump leaked badly. Spray bar leaked severely at flow adjustment knob. Water reservoir that saw sits on top of is way too small to accommodate excess water dripping off edges of cutting table. Cutting table was difficult to situate in the correct position due to loosely manufactured mounting position. Small, green, built in light used to illuminate work while cutting is worthless (why green?). Fortunately, a bright, shop, white led head light purchased from Home Depot is great for illuminating work and is infinitely adjustable. Overall, the unit is a poorly manufactured machine, as should have been expected from bad Chinese made goods. Fortunately, unit was exchanged for another one from Delphi Glass. Still poorly designed but works.
Other Thoughts
Although the new saw still needs some modifications and requires a large drip pan to set underneath in order to catch the dripping water, it isn't leaking from the pump or the spray bar valve. The water pump plug fits its receptacle properly. However, the fit of the cutting table, where it bolts to the machine has gone from too loose to so tight that I had to get one of my metric sized allen head socket wrenches, extension and 3/8 ratchet to install the extremely tight mounting bolt due to poor alignment of bolt hole with threaded hole on saw. This bolt is too tight for the included allen wrench to tighten it completely. When first used, blade popped off one of the wheels. Had to readjust tension and guides. Will have to replace green laser light (actually an led) with a white light. $400 plus is a great deal of money to be spending on a machine that requires modifications to get it to operate as intended. We were very fortunate that Delphi Glass was so helpful to us.
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