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In late 2005, I found glass. I started with making glass jewelry. Soon, however, I felt limited by the size and dimension. I moved quickly to glass sculpture because I liked the freedom of expression and scale. In my kiln I draw with hundreds of pieces of hand cut glass, and fire them into fused forms. Then, I re-fire these forms over broken shards of pottery or custom built stainless steel forms. For those based on precise designs, I control the dimensions very closely. For the organic shapes, I take the free-form pieces of glass in my hands and feel how they want to be together. Then I cut and drill the glass pieces and bolt them into permanence. For me, the transparency of glass is a metaphor for memory. Even though the glass sculpture or design stays the same, if you move around the piece, or change the direction of the light or its intensity, you can change the memory. Organic and architectural. Free flowing and based on memories. Scientific and creative. I have found my medium.
Craig Mitchell Smith
Craig Mitchell Smith
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