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2 Reed Haik Brush

2" Reed Haik Brush

Item# 7465
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Not as pleased, August 12, 2012 2 stars
Even coating is easy.
I only used it twice. The brush hairs do fall out. Need to review the peice prior to using it.
lchh775 comment on Organized Studio Contestants Share Their Tips
July 22, 2012

I agree they all do appear very organized. I think the sign of real organization is the size of your work space. If someone has 1000 square feet as their workspace they will have the opportunity to have a studio layout with shelving, storage, kiln space and workspace. Perhaps in the future the contest will have categories of work space size. :-) All workspaces I can only dream of.... My kiln is in the garage separate from my workspace, glass is stored in the garage and my in house workspace. I would love to see how someone organized their space using various spaces within the house. :-) Thanks again for sharing this contest. I will be sure to vote. Linda

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