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With art...all things are possible My obsession with glass began at an early age. I was transfixed by church windows and the Tiffany style lamps that were in the home section of JCPenney. I remember looking at the way light transformed the color and depth of glass, and thinking its beauty was unmatched. At the age of 17, my best friends purchased me a beginner’s stained glass kit. This included a poorly written instruction manual, tools that were foreign to me and several sheets of stained glass. To this day, it is still one of the best gifts I have ever received. My early attempts at glass greatness were thwarted by the previously mentioned instruction manual. When I was 19, I signed up for a beginner’s stained glass class…and then another…and still more after that. Kiln work and glass fusing are my most recent artistic acquisitions. I define my style as edgy whimsical irony, and I am inspired by everything. Tattoo flash and outsider art are some of my favorite current influences. My 19 year career has included commissioned works, restorations, repairs and commercial applications. I live and work in Woodside, DE. Molly K. Pratt Owner
Red Rhino Glassworks
Red Rhino Glassworks
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