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jaylynn comment on How to Use Mosaic Mesh | Delphi Glass
August 12, 2012

not enough infomation. would like to watch and have him explain step by step from start to finish.

jaylynn comment on Wart Lamp
May 3, 2012

LOVE, LOVE LOVE.....!!!!

jaylynn comment on General Tips
October 30, 2011

i want to make a fireplace screen. My concern is how does the glass hold up to the heat? i don't want it to crack. is there a specific kind of glass to use when making a fireplace screen?

jaylynn comment on Cutting Tips
October 30, 2011

@bdufresne i use an electric blanket, twin size, fold it in half, place a towel on the bottom half and place several pieces glass on the towel and fold over the top half of blanket to keep it warm. this way all my glass is ready when i am ready to cut. when it is cold i try to cut glass for more than one project on the same day that way i can put the blanket away until next time.

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