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DichroMagic Tie Dye Combo Pack On Thin Clear - 90 COE

DichroMagic Tie Dye Combo Pack On Thin Clear - 90 COE

Item# 15322
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Great Sampler pack, May 23, 2012 5 stars
Loved the bright colors and patterns. Especially liked in the tie die funky. Made some fantastic pendants with it. I wanted to rush out and purchase more after I saw how vibrant the colors were when I took them out of the kiln. I think they are even brighter then other dirchoic glass.
The only bad thing I have to say and it really isn't bad is that the glass was unpredictable in the kiln. I had to increase the temperature & length of the soak to make it fuse with the 90 base glass. Also, some of the coatings crinkled a lot and others not so much. Overall you will find it crinkles a lot more than other dichro. I preferred not capping the glass with clear.
Other Thoughts
Would definitely recommend this sample pack if you are bored working with other dichro out there and you want to try something new in your jewellery pieces. You can make a lot out of the 12 pcs. you receive.
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