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I started stained glass as a hobby after my youngest daughter quit club soccer. First time in years that I found time for a hobby. I started in Sept 2011 and I'm still experimenting with different types of glass. Selecting and combining colors is the greatest challenge and I owe my wife for putting up with me and this hobby. She is great help in selecting the colors. I sold my first piece (Rainbow Landscape) and saw it give great joy to a four year old. Nothing gets better than that. Check out my website at
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Power Max II Deluxe Grinder

Power Max II Deluxe Grinder

Item# 7430
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Good Grinder ...But Beware!, July 1, 2016 3 stars
My Power Max II grinder went out after years of use, so I decided to purchase another one. It was a good work horse.
When I received my new Power Max II, I went to use my old Twofer bits and found they wouldn't fit on the new grinder. Apparently Diamond Tech changed the spindle diameter and my old grinding bits are useless now.
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I'm a really Peeved that they changed their design. I guess all I can hope is that Twofer will change their bits to fit the new spindle size.
jsterry comment on Pin Wheel
December 15, 2012

@kellyzus Thank you for your nice comment. Your correct, quite a few quilt patterns I've seen would make great glass panels. I've received a lot of nice comments on this piece.

jsterry comment on Rainbow Umbrella
August 31, 2012

@gdj1220 Thank you for your nice comment. It's one of my favorites.

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