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Tina McIntire was born in Duncan, Oklahoma in 1962. The internationally recognized artist grew up in Fort Worth but spent holidays and weekend in Oklahoma at her grandparents’ farm. It was there that her experiences with red earth of Oklahoma initiated her journey within, helping her in discovering her ancestry and fueling her deep affinity and respect for the earth. Tina’s style is as diverse as her personality and her work is a reflection of her studies of Celtic and Native American symbology, including that of the ancient Mandala, or medicine wheel. Her celebrated and unmatched eye for color is the direct result of her hypersensitivity to light. Tina’s brilliantly colored mosaics are featured in award-winning, independent film World Without Waves by Fort Worth film maker Mitchell Johnson. She is a featured artist starring on HGTV’s That’s So Clever and DIY Network’s Crafters Coast to Coast. Tina was the featured artist for Schola Cantorum’s 45th anniversary and creator of “Sapphire Sky.” Her work has also appeared in Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Southern Living Magazine and the Dallas Morning News. Tina is a self-taught artist and the originator of the mixed media stained glass free-form mosaic style. She has recently begun adding precious and semi-precious gems to her work. Her most recent pieces include furniture, windows, custom back-splashes, vases, murals and many other home décor items. Her work is available at select local galleries or by private commission. She teaches classes at Texas Christian University and at workshops to students of all ages throughout Texas. Some of her work has also been sold to such celebrities as Erykah Badu, Dwight Yokumm and Greg Keneer.
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Bench Brush

Bench Brush

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Best broom EVER!, July 30, 2013 5 stars
I recently purchased the Bench Broom for one of multiple massive public arts projects Im involved in. After 19 years of Free form style Mosaics: BEFORE there were nippers or adhesives available to mosaic artists... I can not believe I never learned of this miracle tool! As seen on world wide TV for almost 8 years running on HGTV and DIY NETWORKS, yes!!! I do work on my bed, STILL! Even on large pieces I've found ways. Lol! But glass seems to have ways of traveling, well beyond the bed or studio. This brush has given me control over the smallest of slivers & shards. I now own one for every room in my home as an improved form of cleanliness over any broom/ mop system on my hard wood floors than I've ever had! I would pay 10 times the price of the amazing BENCH BRUSH. I highly recommend it to anyone who's questioned," Well, how in the world did glass end up here?!" Tina McIntire Of Mac Design Studios Mac Glue inc.
MacGlue comment on Mosaic Cross Pendant with Dichroic Glass
October 26, 2011

Is this for sale? It's beautiful!

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Tina McIntire Studios
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